Working with your customer data is a vital link to a successful campaign. OTC’s data cleansing service will remove duplicates, correct misspellings and data entry errors, populate incomplete data fields and update customer addresses with the latest records available on the National Change of Address (NCOA) master file. OTC will not charge you for undeliverable mail – you get 100% guaranteed delivery to your eligible customers to generate the maximum return on your investment.

There’s no room for error if you want to see a return on your investment. That’s why we pay so much attention to the details and are meticulous when it comes to database cleansing, management and validation! Data integrity is one of the key ingredients for maximizing results for your campaign by minimizing errors. Just to be sure, we partner with CanadaPost, cross-checking everything from bad postal codes to address changes – you only pay for deliverable mail!

What’s more important is that every aspect of the OTC Auto Upgrade Program is handled in-house! You can never forget that the security of your data is vital and with all our Auto Marketing Programs, your data is safe with us; our own servers, our system, all managed by our own team of professionals. We don’t use any third party companies to manage your data, print your programs, handle your mail, or send email blasts.

This means we can also offer a turn around time as little as 48-hours!

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