We invented this “Wheel”. Our Auto Upgrade program is a powerful platform with a complete repertoire of state-of-the-art integrated services – ALL IN-HOUSE!

Unlike most start-up beta software systems that have no real-world mileage, OTC Automotive’s technology platform for database marketing was created based on significant need for change in the automotive industry years ago, specifically for marketing to a large consumer base of different demographics and in different regions. With archaic marketing methods, inefficient deployment and distribution strategies, and messy, ineffective data management systems as the only options available in the auto industry, OTC Automotive set out to create and revolutionize traditional database marketing systems and technologies and met with much success.

With first-hand, top-level auto industry experience and know-how, OTC’s platform is driven by powerful and intelligent data parsing systems applied to lightning quick, personalized web-to-print or mobile device technology – the core of what powers our software systems. Meticulous analysis and practical industry testing over the years have accelerated our system’s development and refinement, which is why we are able to offer such successful programs to our customers today.

OTC Automotive brings dealerships of any size powerful, flexible and traceable social marketing solutions by combining robust and efficient data management with direct customized database marketing campaigns on the fly. Personal, easily automated and highly effective programs at a cost that will make you wonder why you were throwing big money at agencies for so many years.

From where we are now, it’s simple: we know what you need because we’ve been there. We’ve watched closely, done more than our share of homework and gone through the rigors of trial and error to find much success over the years. We know that cost and ROI should not just be projections or best guesstimates. Your expenses in direct relation to your ROI can and should be measured together so you can plan for your business – strategically, effectively – with value for all parties taken into account.